Create A Winning Business Plan – Get That Start Up Loan Quickly


It is more difficult to apply planning processfor business start up loan because in reality, these loans pose more risk to the lender. One basic requirement for new businesses is the submission of a business plan. Needless to say, a prospective lender can approve or reject your loan application based on how your business plan is presented.

How can you create a business plan that will win your lender’s approval? Consider the following tips for business owners who want to acquire business start up loan:

1.Executive Summary. The summary should be the first few pages of your business plan. As an introduction, you’ll want

4.Management Information. If you are running a Corporation, an S Corporation or a Limited Liability Corporation, you must include the names of the members of your Board of Directors, as well as the background, qualifications and positions of each. Under this section, you must also include the names of professionals that you hired such as your business consultant, attorney, accountant, etc.

5.Financial Information. Of course, a potential lender would want to know the present financial status of your business so you must include all accounting-related information in your business plan. As a start-up business, your balance sheet must present your current assets, liabilities and equity.

6.Projections. You must show in words and in figures what you expect from your business within the next two or three years. This is a crucial element of your business plan as this is your opportunity to show a potential lender that you are confident that your business will survive the market.Make sure that the facts and figures used here are 100% accurate. Don’t over inflate your projections! This can kill your chances for approval. If you need help in creating a business plan you should consider either hiring someone to create it for you or contact your local SCORE organization. Score is made up of retired business professionals who are giving back to their communities by mentoring business owners.

Irish Taylor is a business loan consultant with Startup Business Loans and has been providing consumers and business owners with startup business financing since 1992. For years she has helped people with credit and loan problems especially pertaining to business start up, SBA loans and Unsecured loans.


  1. When I was an undergraduate, I always had wished that we had discussed forming business plans in further detail during class. I know understand just how important the management details can really be. Plus forming a good business plan can identify a whole host of issues that you may have missed before.

    • HI Stephen, I’m glad you found the post informative. It really is the best way to start planning your business. In fact a business plan can grow and change with a business. I’ve meet a lot of very successfully business men who routinely look, update and implement whats in their plans. So just keep that in mind as you work on your business plan. Its a guideline that can grow and change with your business!

  2. A solid business plan helps you to secure finance and keep your business a path to follow. It can be the best asset; however a faulty business plan creates an obstacle and delays your businesses ability to obtain financing. This article is a reliable, helpful source for anybody interested in starting a business.

    • Hi Peter,
      I’m glad you liked the article. But a business plan isn’t just for obtaining financing. While on this site we do business loans so my writing is geared towards loans, but don’t forget that a business plan is essential for a business even if they are not seeking financing. Those who fail to plan ..Plan to fail! And that is 100% true. A good business plan will help the owner find faults in the business and potential problems. Hopefully once they see these problems they act on them and devise ways to overcome the obstacle.

      Take Care

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