New Business? Startup? Startup Equipment Leasing Available Nationwide

Equipment Leasing for New / Start Up  Businesses

Starting a new business can be very existing!  Setting a goal and watching your  business slowly move towards those goals. startup equipment leasing But one of the biggest stumbling blocks many startup businesses  face is  business financing.  Because startup businesses are considered “high risk” many banks won’t finance a start up until after they have proven themselves.

The Big Startup Business Financing Mistake

A new business needs equipment in order to function.  Whether its equipment such as computers and desk, or big things like forklifts and backhoes.     One of the biggest drains  of a businesses working capital is the purchase of equipment. But if a business uses most of its working capital on the purchase of equipment, that will make it more difficult to meet the day to day expenses.

That’s Where Equipment Leasing Steps In! 

Equipment leasing requires a very minimum up front cost.  Our equipment leasing program for startup  businesses is designed with you in mind! We don’t require any time in business so you can be a day 1 start up and we can still get your business equipment financing!

Benefits Of Equipment Leasing:

Benefits of equipment leasing

  • Helps preserve working capital – generally only requires 2 payments as a security deposit to get started
  • Is available to business owners with good and bad credit
  • Tax Benefits – The IRS allows for lease payments to be fully deductible if your business uses the leased equipment
  • Helps start building credit for your business
  • Fast Approvals
  • Easy to get approved for.  A – D credit

Our Equipment Leasing Program

  • We provide equipment leasing for to businesses nationwide .
  • Minimum lease amount is $5,000
  • A – D credit approved – Co-signers welcome!
  • Application Only up to $15,000 on approved credit

Over $15,000 or credit problems will require the following:

  • Personal Financial Statement
  • 3 months banks statements
  • Letter explaining your credit problems

Types of Equipment Financed

We can finance most types of equipment. Sorry, we won’t finance any vending, or ATM routes. We can finance ATM or vending machines going in at your place of  business.

Equipment Vendors

Having trouble getting your clients with new businesses financed? We can help! We provide a wide variety of leasing programs for not just start ups but established businesses also.

arrowClick Here for more information and to obtain a vendor package

Required Documentation Apply for your equipment lease now

Download Your Equipment Lease Application:

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