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Will Your Start Up Business Be Considered High Risk To Banks

High Risk Business Financing

Lets face it.  Start up business financing is considered high risk.  I get so many business owners that ask me why start up business loans and equipment leases are  at a higher rate then what is offered to established businesses, And the answer is simple. A well established business has a track record.  It has an established client base.  The ...

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Factoring: An Alternative To Working Capital Loans

Working Capital

What are cash advance loans? Cash advance loans are a good option for short term financing needs. Unlike traditional loans for small business, a cash advance loan tends to be secured by your merchant account sales.  There are some cash advances that will look at your average sales and base the loan on that.  But those loans tend to be ...

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Equipment Financing Basics

equipment lease financing

Many businesses are now turning towards equipment lease financing not only for starting up a business but for expanding an existing business as well.  Equipment leasing provides and extremely flexible financing option for a start up business.   Unlike most business loans that require 20% down payment, equipment leasing generally requires 2 payments as security and is even open to ...

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Borrowing From 401k To Finance Your Business

Borrowing From 401K

How To Borrow From 401k To Finance Your Business There are many ways to use 401k funds to finance your business, but it involves a very complicated process and is not the same as just writing a check to yourself. There are important legal steps that need to be followed. It is better to get the assistance of a financial planner, as ...

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