manage your business risk
manage your business risk

Startup Business: Risks that May Affect Your Success

Whenever you hear anyone talking about a start up business, you instantly think of how rewarding owning your own business would be. The feeling of being your own boss, choosing your products and creating a bright future for yourself and your family is enough to make almost

manage your business risk

manage your business risk

anyone want to join the start up business bandwagon.

With all of the opportunities available to start up businesses today, there are still many more risks to starting your own business and they can severely affect your future success. Knowing these risks ahead of time can save you a lot of hardship later on and help secure your financial future. Many of these risks, if known about prior to undertaking a new start up business, can be avoided. Recognizing them and knowing what to do when they arise will make your life easier and much less stressful.

There are five main types of risk when it comes to a start up business:

  • Product
  • Market
  • Financial
  • Team
  • Execution

Any one, or a combination of all five, could cause even the best start up business to fail.

Product risk is a controllable risk; you choose the products that your business will offer based on marketability and timeliness. Knowing what product to sell, when to sell it and to what audience is crucial to the success of any start up business. Do your product research and you will have a better chance of avoiding this particular risk.

Market risk is all about knowing your customer and the reasons they do what they do and buy what they buy. Here is another area where thorough and proper research is important; without it, your start up business won’t get very far.

Aside from product and market risk, another area where start up businesses seem to have problems is with the financial risk. Having proper funding in place BEFORE you start your new business will ensure that you get the necessary products or materials needed to become competitive in your market niche.

There are many ways a new business can get the financing it needs including banks, friends and family or a crowdfunding platform. Know your options and get the financing you need for your startup business to ensure its future success.

Team risk can be a factor in any startup business’ success or failure and having the right team at your side can make a world of difference. Delegate duties within your team and use each team member’s knowledge wisely. When you take the time to listen and respond to your team, they will reply in kind. A good team will help your startup business grow and achieve your goals much sooner and much more effectively.

The final risk that every entrepreneur should know about when creating a startup business is execution risk. You need to have a balance of vision and focus when operating a startup business. Knowing that you have to keep your eye on the prize so to speak, while still handling the important details of running your business will help you keep execution risk at bay and ensure that your business is on the road to a future that is financially sound and able to take on any challenges the market will throw at you.

Understand the risks involved with a startup business; embrace them and learn what to do to avoid these risks and secure your business’ future and yours as well.

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Startup Business: Risks that May Affect Your Success
Whenever you hear anyone talking about a startup business, you instantly think of how rewarding owning your own business would be.


  1. Great stuff! Informative article. Every business is a risk somehow.It’s unfortunate that many times entrepreneurs give up to great ideas and lots of hard work because of the influence from outsiders.People are different ,have different needs and they believe in different things. A good idea is only good when is put in practice.The key to success is having the right people and be perseverent. Atract all possible resources you can from management to investors

    • Hi Kathy, Your so right! So many people get stuck in the planning in phase they never implement. Plan then do!

      Thanks for visiting!

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